Selwa Mitchell: Inspirational Yogini

There are people who take life as a blessing and after having gone through tough times they come out a stronger human being. Selwa Mitchell is one of them; she has been thanking the Lord for every single minute that has granted her relief from a threatening disease. She was diagnosed with Cystic fibrosis (CF) at the age of three. Doctors did not portray any hope for her recovery and predicted that she would only be living for next four to five years.

But Selwa did not let the hope of life and happiness diminish. She loved dancing and running around the school’s corridors, but after CF her lungs started to weaken and this limited her activities.  She still managed to cope up with her disease and chose to pursue Banking this was also her dad’s turf.

After the successful journey of college, she worked as an independent and determined lady with a self-reliant lifestyle supporting and motivating her own objectives. Selwa proved it wrong to those who prophesied that she would survive only for few years after diagnosis of the disease.


At the age of 23 she met her man and two years later they decided to get married. By the time she was 26 she was pregnant and gave birth to their first child. Yet at the same time she was fighting her disease, a year later when she was 27 the doctors rendered her disabled; she left the job at Archon Group where she was a professional fund accountant. Suddenly a huge change made her disappointed with her life; her disease was at the most severe stage at that time. Her entire life she was the one controlling CF and at that point she seemed helpless with disease taking the best of her.

At the age of 34, she chose yoga to a lead a more fit and healthy lifestyle, furthermore working with yoga leads she decided to take it up as a profession as this allowed her to calm her mind and body. With Yoga she was able to find peace and happiness as well as improve her health.

Finally, after going through so much suffering, she made a decision to get a lung transplant and although the procedure was risky yet she knew that in order to live her life to the fullest this was the right decision.  In June 2016 Selwa had a successful operation and is recovering well, taking baby steps along the way to get back to her full flow. Her patience and struggle has made her a stronger person today and understand the true value of life.

We are proud to have Selwa as our Brand Ambassador, and even though she was scheduled to have her surgery any given day yet she took out the time to collaborate with us on our new venture, for this we are very thankful to her.  Her friends have recently started a ‘gofundme’ campaign to help with the medical bills and we here at Ecolite Yoga will be donating 10% from each item sold towards the campaign for the month of September 2016.

If you would like to purchase our products and help in contributing towards this cause, please click HERE.


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